Stall Fed Goat Sheep Farming

Purpose Composite loan for stall fed Goat/sheep rearing for unit size of 25+1 (Does/Ewes: Buck/Rams) or 50+2.
Eligibility Existing /new customer
Quantum Loan 75 % project cost or 3 lakhs or 6 lakhs as the case may be (Cost of the Does/Ewes @ Rs 6000 per animal & cost of Buck/Ram @ Rs 8000 per animal & including shed cost, feed cost etc.,)
Margin 25%
Rate of Interest 12.50% pa
Repayment Period Repayable in 20 quarterly installments, after a gestation period of 6 months i.e., 1st installment falling due on exactly 9 months from the date of 1st release. (total period 66 months)
At the time selling the goats/sheep, the 75% of sale proceeds of the animals should be credited to the loan account.
Security Primary security in the form of hypothecation of animals, equipments etc and mortgage of owned land and building which are directly connected to the activity.
Co-oblignat/ Surety Solvent third party / ies with sufficient net worth acceptable to the Bank shall be obtained