Agri Tourism

Purpose To setup Agri Tourism
Eligibility 1. Existing customer As well as New customer
2. Branch should ensure the proper marketing tie up for continuous inflow of tourists.
3. Applicant should obtain necessary licenses from the concerned authorities.
Quantum Loan Cost of the project is based on various factors like room capacity, area, facilities & pick up vehicles etc.
75% of Project Cost
Minimum Rs.5.00 lakhs
Margin 25%
Rate of Interest 12.50% pa
Repayment Period Loan shall be repayable in monthly/Quarterly based on project with maximum repayable period of 84 months, excluding initial gestation period of 3 months.
Security Mortgage of Property where the centre is to be established along with Hypothecation of vehicle, other equipments, if any, involved in the project.
Co-oblignat/ Surety Solvent third party / ies with sufficient net worth acceptable to the Bank shall be obtained.