Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) is a transaction of buying or selling online. When you purchase a good or service online, you are participating in e-Commerce. Almost any product or service can be offered via eCommerce, from books and music to financial services and plane tickets. Electronic commerce operates in all four of the major market segments: business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business.

e-Commerce using KVGB Rupay card can take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many stores offer a wider array of products online and stores that exist only online may offer consumers a selection of goods that they otherwise could not access.

Our customers can now enjoy the facility of doing any kind of online purchases like ticket booking, movie tickets, online shopping etc using their debit card.

Advantages to Our customers:

It provides 24×7 support. Customers can enquire about a product or service and place orders anytime, anywhere from any location. � e-Commerce application provides users with more options and quicker delivery of products.

E-Commerce application provides users with more options to compare and select the cheaper and better options.

A customer can put review comments about a product and can see what others are buying, or see the review comments of other customers before making a final purchase.

It provides readily available information. A customer can see the relevant detailed information within seconds, rather than waiting for days or weeks.

Customers need not travel to shop to purchase a product.Rs. 25,000/- at ATMs for cash withdrawal, POS/ e-Commerce.(combined)

Procedure for payment:

The customer may visit any merchant site, select the product he/she would like to purchase and go for payment.

In the payment options, Debit card option should be selected.

The customer has to enter his 16 digit Rupay Debit card no, expiry date and CVV.

OTP will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number and the same has to be entered and submitted.

Please do not share any sensitive information(NAME, CARD NUMBER, CVV NUMBER, PIN< ACCOUNT NO) regarding your ATM card or Account to anyone.

Bank or Bank Employees never ask for credential information such as PIN or OTP or any personal information from customer