Vikas Sanchayani Plus

  • Customer has to select the core amount at the time of opening of the RD account and deposit the same initially as first installment.
  • Minimum Core amount is Rs. 500/- and multiples of Rs.100/- thereafter and maximum core amount is Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • Customer can deposit up to 10 times of the core amount as installment per month from the subsequent months.
  • The installment can also be deposited one or more times during a month subject to maximum ceiling of 10 times of the core amount.
  • Minimum period 12 months or more in completed quarters up to a maximum period of 60 months
  • No penalty will be charged for premature withdrawal of RD.
  • Interest rate is as applicable to Term Deposits of the corresponding Tenor. Interest is calculated on daily product basis & credited to RD Account quarterly.