Service Charges



1.1 Rate of commission on collection of Bills (Inward & Outward)


  For both Cash and Non-Cash transactions
Upto Rs.1000/- Rs.30/-
Above Rs.1000/- Upto

Rs. 5000/-

Above Rs.5000/- Upto

Rs. 10000/-

Above Rs. 10000/- Upto

Rs. 100000/-

Rs 8/- per Rs.1000/- or part there of
Above Rs. 1 lakh Rs. 7/- per Rs.1000/- or part thereof with a minimum of Rs

800/- and maximum of Rs. 15,000/-

1.2.      Rate of commission on collection of Cheques/Drafts /P.O.  / Dividend Warrants/Deposit receipts (Inward/Outward)

Upto Rs. 5000/- Rs.25/-+ GST
Above Rs. 5000/- and

upto Rs. 10000/-

Rs.50/- + GST
Above Rs. 10000/- and

upto Rs. one lakh

 Rs 100/-+ GST
Above Rs. one lakh Rs. 4.5 per Rs.1000/-  + GST

Minimum Rs. 500/- and maximum of Rs. 12,000/-


1.3. General guidelines regarding collection of Commission on Bills 

1.3.9    Handling charges for Bills/Cheques returned unpaid:

  1. i) For Local Cheques:
  2. i) Cheques issued by our Account holders but returned unpaid by us through clearing or across the counter for want of funds
  3. a) For SB A/c Cheques returned: Rs. 80/-
  4. b) For CA/OD/CC A/c cheque returned Rs. 100/-
  5. ii) Cheques deposited  by  our  customers  to  the  credit  of  their accounts with us but returned unpaid by other Bank:Rs 10/-


  1. ii) For Local Bills and Outstation cheques/Bills returned unpaid:
  2. a) Outstation cheques: 50% of prescribed collection charge subject to minimum of Rs. 25/-
  3. b) Local/outstation Bills: 50% of prescribed collection charges subject to minimum of Rs. 25/-.

In respect of local/outstation bills and outstation cheques, apart from commission charges, transmission charges & out of pocket expense should be collected.



 2.1. Present charges:

Rs.0.3 per Rs.100/- + collection charges + postage and other out of pocket expense with a minimum of Rs.10/- for the first Seven days including the day of discounting. For delay beyond 7 days, in addition to the above charges, overdue interest at 2% over the maximum lending rate applicable to non-priority, unsecured personal loan scheme (Presently, 15.5% + 2% = 17.5% p.a.) should be collected from 8th day of Discounting till the date of realization of instrument.



3.1. Present Rates: 


For both Cash & non-Cash transactions. 

Upto Rs. 5000/- Rs.20/-
Above Rs.5000/- upto Rs. 10000/- Rs.25/-
Above Rs.10000/- Rs.1 /- per Rs.1000/- or part thereof with a minimum of Rs.25/- & maximum of Rs.1500/-.



Charge per Demand Draft/MT (For both Demand Drafts of our Bank and Syndicate Bank) and Issue of ICICI, IDBI AND UTI Cheques in lieu of our/Syndicate Bank DDs.


4.1.        Present Rates:

    Rates (For both Cash & non-Cash transactions).
  For amount Rs.20
  Upto Rs. 5000/-  
Above Rs.5000/- upto Rs. 25/-
  Rs. 10000/-  
  Above Rs.10000/- Rs.2/- per thousand or part thereof with a minimum of Rs.
    25/- and maximum of Rs.5,000/-



5.1. Present charges:  
    Ordinary Post Rs.10/-
    Registered Post Rs. 30/- or actual whichever is higher
    Telegram/Telex Rs.30/- or actual whichever is higher
    Courier Charges Rs.30/- or actual whichever is higher.
    Telephone Charges Rs. 5/- per local call (within radius of 50 Kms.)
      Rs.10/- per outstation call (beyond radius of 50 Kms) or actual whichever is higher.





6.1.        Present charges:


Ledger folio charges at the rate of Rs.75/- per folio (one side of ledger page) for both manual   and computer page (30 entries or part thereof considered as one ledger page / folio) should be charged per annum.

The Number of Free ledger folio shall continue as per the existing guidelines.

  Average Credit Balance No. of free ledger pages / folio
  Upto Rs. 25,000/- NIL
  Above Rs.25,000/- to Rs.50,000/- 3
  Above Rs.50,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/- 5
  Above Rs. One lakh to Rs. 2 lakh 10
  Above Rs.2 lakh No Ledger folio charges
  The ledger folio charges are Applicable  to:
  • Current A/cs.
  1. OD/ODD/SOD/Cash Credit A/cs.
  2. KISSAN CREDIT CARD/Crop OD A/cs, having limit above Rs.25000


7.1.Present Rates:


i.) Performance Guarantee

(i.e. Guarantee issued in respect of performance of non-monetary obligation of the party).

Rs.100/- + 0.5% per quarter or part

thereof with a min. of 1%.

ii.) Other than performance Guarantee Rs.100/- + 0.75% per quarter or part

thereof with a min. of 1.5%.

iii. If above Guarantees are secured by

100% cash margin in Term dep.

Rs.100/- + 25% of the normal rate of

commission  stated  above  under  point

No. i.or ii, as the case may be




8.1.        Present Charges: 

For Advances upto Rs.50 lakh Processing charges shall be at 0.5% of sanction amount with a minimum of Rs. 50/-.
For Advances above Rs.50 lakh Rs.25,000/- + Rs.250/-  per every  lakh or part there of exceeding Rs. 50 lakh.

 Exceptions – Processing Charges not to be levied for following loans:-

  • All Priority Sector loans upto Rs. 25000/-
  • Education Loans
  • DRI loans.
  • SHG loans.
  • Staff loans.
  • Advances against term deposit of our Bank. 

Concessions (in respect of SGSY loans, JL accounts and Bank Guarantees) :

  1. For loans sanctioned under SGSY Scheme, Processing charges shall be at 0.25% of the sanctioned amount with a minimum of Rs.50/-.
  2. For Jewel Loan accounts, processing charges shall be 0.25% of sanctioned amount with a minimum of Rs. 25/-.

iii. For Bank Guarantees, 50 %of the normal processing charges shall be collected as stated under point No 7.2.11 

9.1 Present Charges:


For Advances upto Rs.25000/- (for Non

Priority Sector)



Rs. 10/- per inspection per a/c with maximum of Rs. 50

p.a + GST



Priority Loans: Rs. 100/- per inspection per a/c with

max of Rs. 500 p.a + GST

Non Priority loans: Rs. 150/- per inspection per a/c

with max of Rs. 750/- p.a + GST

For Advances Above Rs. 25,000/- &

upto and inclusive of Rs. 2 lakh

For Advances Above Rs. 2 lakh & upto Rs. 25 Lakh Priority Loans: Rs. 200 per Inspection per a/c with

max of Rs.1000/- p.a + GST

Non Priority: Loans: Rs. 250/- per inspection per a/c

with max Rs. 1500/- p.a + GST


Advances above Rs. 25.00 lakh Both Priority and Non priority loans: Rs. 500 per

inspection per a/c with max of Rs. 3000/- p.a+


Exemption Categories:
1.      All Priority Sector Advances upto ` 25000/-

2.      Jewel Loans

3.      Loans on Deposits (LD & ODD)

4.      Staff Loans

5.      Demand loans given to salaried class, if loan a/c is running regular.

Note Regarding Processing charges on Loans : Education loans are exempted from processing charges






10.1 Penalty for non maintaining

minimum balance in SB/CA

Rs.30/- per month for SB A/c + GST (in proportion to the shortfall)

Rs.50/- per month for Current A/c + GST

Rs.25/– per month for JPSB A/c.

Rs.100/– per month for VPSB &VSPSB if average monthly balance below the stipulated limit.

Not applicable to:

a)Staff & Govt. deposit A/c.


c)Ex-employees of our Bank.

d)No Frill accounts

10.2 Minimum Balance limits Current Account

For current A/cs of individuals, min. limit shall be Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 500/- for urban Branches and non-urban branches (Semi-urban/Rural) respectively. For current a/c belonging to other than individuals, min.

balance is Rs. 3000/- & Rs. 1000/- in case of Urban and non-urban branches respectively.

SB Accounts

i. Rs.1000/- for SB A/cs with a chequebook facility,

for Urban branches.

ii. Rs.500/- for SB A/cs with a chequebook facility,

for Semi Urban and Rural branches.

iii.  Rs.  500/-  and  Rs.  100/-  for  SB  A/cs  without

cheque book facility in case of Urban Branches and

Non-urban Branches (semi-urban/Rural) respectively.

JPSB Accounts

Minimum of Rs. 1000/- shall be maintained for JPSB accounts.

VPSB & VSPSB Accounts (Cir No 52/08)

Rs. 10000/- for VPSB accounts and Rs. 20000/- for VSPSB accounts.

10.3 Charges for issuing of

cheque book

In Urban & Semi Urban areas

i. For Non-MICR cheque: Rs. 1.5/- per cheque leaf and For MICR Cheques Rs. 2.5 per cheque leaf for SB/Current/OD/CC A/c holder.

ii. For SB A/cs of individuals, first 40 leaves will be issued free in a calendar year

In Rural areas

Rs.1/-  per  cheque  leaf  with  a  free  30  leaves  in  a calendar year.

Exemption: SB/ODD A/cs of Staff members.

10.4 Issuing of Duplicate DDs/

Banker’s cheque/Pay orders

Rs. 50/- per instrument.
10.5 Cancellation/revalidation of

DDs/Pay orders

Rs. 25/- per instrument.
10.6 Issuing of duplicate Pass book/statement/Loans pass


Rs. 20/- per passbook with latest balance.  For upto

date entries Rs. 25/- per ledger page or part thereof.

10.7 Stop payment charges: Rs.25/- per instruction per instrument.



Rs.10/-  +  Postage  +  Commission  applicable  if

Remitted by way of DD/TT/MT/PO.



No charges



(i) Standing instructions: (Which involves remittances of  funds  to  other  Branches for credit to parties own A/c or in favour of 3rd parties.

(ii) Standing Instruction: (Which  involves  credit  to other  than  customer’s  own A/c at the Branch)

10.9 Change in operational


Rs.10/- per occasion.
10.10 Issuing Duplicate Term

Deposit Certificate receipt:

Rs. 30/- per Certificate/ receipt.
10.11 Service charges on Dormant


a)  For Dormant deposits, Rs. 10/- shall be debited every year. (excl: BSBD A/c)

b)  For revival of Dormant deposit A/c, no charges

Note: For Dormant Deposit pertaining to Term Deposit,

Service charges need not be applied

10.12 Cost of name plate Rs. 50/- per nameplate.
10.13 Issuing of No due Certificate


Rs.20/- per certificate.

No NDC charges for applicants under Govt. Scheme.

10.14 Charges for closure of SB/Current A/cs Irrespective of age of the A/c, Rs. 10/- for SB A/c &

Rs. 25/- for Current A/c.



*For the transfer of SB A/cs from one Branch. to another.

*For closure to open a new A/c.

*Death of depositor.

10.15 Issue of Balance confirmation/  Interest paid Certificate Rs.20/-
10.16 Penalty for delay in payment of instalment of cumulative / Recurring deposit a/c Rs.1.5 for every Rs.100 p.m. for the SD/ RD A/cs of

5 years & less. A penalty of Rs.2/- for every Rs.100/-

p.m. for SD / RDA/c of above 5 years.

10.17 Locker rent As per individual communication received by the

branches from the HO in this regard.

10.18 Service   charges   on   non-

Availment of loan after sanction of  Proposal

Only applicable processing charges to be collected
10.19 Upfront fee for premature closure of loan A/c by transfer / takeover of liability by other Banks For Advances outstanding above Rs.5 lakh, 0.5% of

The loan amount outstanding.

10.20 Service charges/ frequent

withdrawals in SB A/c

If withdrawals exceed 50 per half year in SB A/c,

Rs.50/- per half year.

10.21 Jewel Appraiser Fees 1% subject to minimum of Rs. 10/- and max. of


50/- for Advances upto Rs. 10000/- and Rs. 75/- for

loan above Rs. 10000/-

10.22  Charges for issuing Solvency


Rs. 500/- per lakh or part thereof subject to maximum

of Rs. 10000/-

10.23 Scrutiny of Title Deeds (Legal/Professional Fees) For  Public,  0.5%  of  the  loan  amount  applied  for

minimum Rs. 200/- maximum Rs. 500/-

For Staff, Rs. 100/- for staff Housing loans.



Issuing of Notice: Ordinary Notice





Registered Notice





Vakil Notice charges:



30 per party, per notice, per a/c+ GST ( No separate postal charges to be levied). The notice should be sent under Certificate of posting and copy should be  maintained in loan file.


Rs. 100  per party, per notice, per a/c + GST (No separate postal charges to be levied) . Branches should invariably keep the copy of notice and acknowledgement in the loan file..


Professional  fees  of  Rs.  100/-  +  Typing  and

Miscellaneous charges Rs. 25/- + Actual Postage


Service  charges  Rs.25/-  per  party/per  notice/per


10.25 Loss of token Rs. 100/- per token
10.26 Commission / Service Charges for pre-mature closure of Pigmy a/c /

Transferring Pigmy amount to Loan A/c




CASH HANDLING CHARGES For Current and Overdraft a/c

(i)  3% commission for the premature closure before one year.


(ii) 1% commission for premature refund after 1 year upto 2 year.


Upto & inclusive of Rs.1 lakh per a/c per day: NIL Above Rs.1 lakh per day per account (cumulative) For over and above free limit Ra. 2 per Rs.1,000 or part thereof with a minimum of Rs.100 and maximum of Rs.2,500







  1. NEFT Charges:
  • Up to Rs 1 Lakh Rs 5/- per Transaction.
  • Above Rs 1 Lakh , to 2 Lakhs Rs 15/- per Transaction.
  • Above Rs 2 Lakh ,– Rs 25/- per Transaction.
  1. RTGS Charges:
  • Above Rs 2 Lakh to 5 Lakhs, Rs 25/- per Transaction.
  • Above Rs 5 Lakh – Rs 50/- per Transaction.