Service Charges


Sl.No Particulars Revised Charges
1 Commission on Bills Upto Rs.1000/- 100/-+ GST
Above Rs.1000/- Upto Rs. 5000/- 100/-+ GST
Above Rs.5000/- Upto Rs. 10000/- 100/-+ GST
Above Rs. 10000/- Upto Rs. 100000/- Rs.8/- per Rs.1000 Min – Rs.100/-+GST
Above Rs. 1 lakh Rs.8/- per Rs.1000 Min – Rs.800/- Maximum Rs.15000/-+GST
2 Commission on  outstation cheques Inclusive of Postage and other out pocket expenses Inclusive of Postage and other out pocket expenses
Up to & including   Rs.5000/- Rs. 25/- +GST
Above  Rs.5000/- & up to & including 10000/- Rs. 50/- + GST
Above  Rs.10000/- and up to & including  Rs. 1.00 Lakh Rs.100/- + GST
Above  Rs.1.00 Lakh Rs. 5/- per 1000 + GST (Minimum 500/- Maximum 12000/- )
Local Cheques:  Branches falling under CTS clearing house shall collect applicable charges relating to local cheque collection(Cir.No.73/18).Collection of cheques relating to pld age pension/Student scholarship shall be collected at PAR without  charges/Out of pocket expenses
Refer Annexure for exemptions
3 Handling charges for Bills/Cheques returned unpaid:(For local/CTS clearing) For Local Cheques:  
i) Cheques issued by our Account holders but returned unpaid by us through clearing or across the counter for want of funds
a) For SB A/c Cheques returned: Rs. 100/-+ GST
b) For CA/OD/CC A/c cheque returned Rs. 200/-+ GST
ii) Cheques deposited by our customers to the credit of their accounts with us but returned unpaid by other Bank: SB- Rs 100/-+GST,CA- Rs 200/-+GST
4 Exchange on pay order/banker’s cheque Upto Rs. 5000/- Rs.30/-+GST
Above Rs.5000/- upto Rs. 10000/- Rs.50/-+GST
Above Rs.10000/- Rs.2 /- per Rs.1000/- or part thereof with a minimum of Rs.50/- & maximum of Rs.1500/-.+GST
5 Exchange on Remittance(Demand Drafts) For amount Upto Rs. 5000/- Rs.40+GST
Above Rs.5000/- upto Rs. 10000/- Rs.50+GST
Above Rs.10000/-  up to Rs.1.00 lakh Rs.2.50 per ‘000 with a minimum of Rs.50/-+GST
Above Rs.1.00 lakh Rs 5/- per ‘000 with a minimum of Rs.500/ maximum of 20000/-+GST
For Local Bills and Outstation cheques/Bills returned unpaid:


a) Outstation cheques: 50% of prescribed collection charge subject to minimum of Rs. 200/- & maximum 500/-

b) Local/outstation Bills: 50% of prescribed collection charges subject to minimum of Rs. 200/-.& maximum of Rs.500/-

Aforesaid guidelines Regarding returning charges laid down are also applicable to our Staff Cheques/Bills returned unpaid.

6 Service Charges for Inter Branch transactions under CBS ECS -Debit cir.136/11  
ECS-Credit NIL
ECS Returns SB-75/- CA/OD-150/-+GST
7 Electronic Payment System NEFT/RTGS inward NIL
NEFT Outward Up to Rs.1 lakh- Rs.5/- per transaction+GST
Above Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakh –Rs. 15/- per transaction+GST
RTGS Outward Above  Rs.2 lakh- Rs 5 lakh Rs.30/- per transaction+GST
 above Rs.5.00 lakh- 60/- per transaction+GST
8 Cash withdrawal charges at non home branches Maximum amount that can be en cashed in a single day from all non home branches of the Bank by the customer  Maximum withdrawal Rs.50,000/- only by cheques subject to production of Pass book
Encashment of uncrossed third party cheques Encashment of uncrossed third party cheques is permitted only at home branch and not at non-home branches.
9 Acceptance of cash at CBS branches for credit of the customers account at other than home branch (inter city) i)Maximum cash deposit not to exceed Rs. 100000/- per day
ii) Upto 50000/- At par, Above 50000/- service charge of Rs 50/-+GST
  Cash can be remitted at any CBS branch by an account holder or his authorised representative for credit of his  Loan accounts including NPA accounts at PAR.(NA for regular SOD/CCOD for which applicable charges to be collected.)
10 Service Charges for Online Fund Transfer Transfer of Funds between Accounts at branches located in different centres:
Up to Rs. 1 lakh- Rs. 10/- per transaction+GST
Above Rs. 1 lakh up to 5 lakh –Rs.30 /+GST- per transaction
Above Rs. 5 lakh Rs. 50/- per transaction.+GST
11 Cash handling charges(cash credit to CA,CC & OD a/cs) i)Upto Rs.1.00 lakh- NIL
ii)Above Rs.1.00 lakh- Rs.2/ per ‘000 or part there of with a minimum of Rs. 100/- & maximum of Rs 2500/-+ GST
12 Ledger Folio Charges applicable to OD,ODD,CA.KCC a/cs Rs.100/-+GST per folio  (one side of ledger page) for both manual and computer page (30 entries or part thereof considered as one ledger page / folio) should be charged per annum.
If statement of A/c is issued in addition to pass book applicable charges as above shall be collected.
13 Transmission Charges (Postal Tariff) Ordinary Post Actual charges or minimum of Rs.20/-+GST
Registered Post Actual charges or minimum of Rs.50/-+GST
Courier Charges Actual charges or minimum of Rs.50/-+GST
Telephone Charges Rs. 10/- per local call,applicable to loan accounts also.
14 Processing Charges on Loans/Advances: For Advances upto Rs.2 lakh 0.5% of sanction amount with a minimum of Rs.250/-+GST
For Advances above Rs.2 lakh  1% of sanction amount with a minimum of Rs.2000/-+GST
Loan under VISA(cir.136/18) Rs.250+GST
Jewel loans of all kinds 0.25% of loan amount with a minimum of Rs.25/-+GST
Exceptions – Processing Charges not to be levied for following loans:-


1) All Priority Sector loans upto Rs. 25000/- (cumulative)

2) DRI loans.

3) SHG loans.

4) Staff loans.

5) Advances against term deposit of our Bank.

6) NPS loans upto Rs 5000/-

15 Commission on Bank guarantee i. Performance Guarantee(i.e. Guarantee issued in respect of performance of non-monetary
obligation of the party).
Rs.250/- plus 3% p.a.+GST with minimum of 1.5%
ii. Other than performance Guarantee Rs.250/- plus 3.0% p.a.+GST with minimum of 1.5%
iii. If above Guarantees are secured by 100% cash margin in Term dep. `250+ 25% of stipulated charges+ GST
Apart from commission stated above on Guarantees, processing charges shall also be collected on BGs issued as under: For BGs upto Rs. 50 lakh Processing charges at the rate of 0.25% of BG amount with a minimum of Rs.25/
For BGs more than Rs. 50 lakh Rs. 12,500 + Rs. 125/- per every lakh or part there of exceeding Rs. 50 lakh with a maximum of Rs. 5 lakh
16 Inspection Charges For Advances upto Rs.25000/- Priority Sector-NIL, Non Priority Sector-`100/- p.a.+GST
For Advances Above Rs. 25,000/- & upto and inclusive of Rs. 2 lakh Priority loans: Rs 750/-p.a+GST   `Non priority sector:1000/- p.a.+GST
For Advances Above Rs. 2 lakh to Rs.25 lakh Priority Loans: ` 250 per Inspection per a/c with max of `1000/- p.a + GST. Non Priority: Loans: `  300/- per inspection per a/c with max ` 1500/- p.a + GST
For Advances Above Rs.25 lakh Both Priority and Non priority loans: ` 600 per inspection per a/c with max of ` 3000/- p.a+ GST
Exemptions:1)All Priority Sector Advances upto Rs. 25000/-.


2)Jewel loans.
3)Loans on Deposit (LD) & ODD)Staff loans.Demand loans given to salaried class, if loan A/c is running regular.

17 Penalty for non maintaining minimum balance in SB/CA Rs.25/-+GST per month for SB A/c.(Auto debit in CBS)
Rs.100/-+GST per month  for Current A/c.(Auto debit in CBS)
Rs.25/-+GST per month for JPSB A/c.(Auto debit in CBS)
Rs.100/- per month for VPSB &VSPSB if average monthly balance below the stipulated limit.(Auto debit in CBS)
Not applicable to:


a)Staff & Govt. deposit A/c.


c)Ex-employees of our Bank.

D)PMJDY/  No Frill accounts

18 Minimum Balance limits Current Account
For all current A/cs , min. limit shall be Rs. 5000/-for Urban and Rs. 2000/-semi urban & Rural branches.
SB Accounts


i. Rs.1000/- for SB A/cs with a chequebook facility, for all category of branches.

ii.Rs. 500/- for SB A/cs without cheque book facility in case of Urban Branches & semi-urban and Rs. 250/- for Rural branches.

JPSB Accounts
Minimum of Rs. 1000/- shall be maintained for JPSB accounts.
VPSB & VSPSB Accounts (Cir No 52/08)
Rs. 10000/- for VPSB accounts and Rs. 20000/- for VSPSB accounts.
19 Charges for issuing of cheque book In Urban & Semi Urban areas
 i.Rs. 4+GST.  per cheque leaf for SB/Current/OD/CC A/c holder
ii. For SB A/cs of individuals, first 25 leaves will be issued free in a calendar year
In Rural areas
i. Rs. 4+GST.  per cheque leaf for SB/Current/OD/CC A/c holder
ii. For SB A/cs of individuals, first 25 leaves will be issued free in a calendar year
Exemption: SB/ODD /OD A/cs of Staff members.
20 Issuing of Duplicate DDs/ Banker’s cheque/Pay orders Rs. 100/- per instrument+GST
21 Cancellation/revalidation of DDs/Pay orders Rs. 100/- per instrument+GST
22 Issuing of duplicate Pass book/statement/Loans pass book Rs.100/-+GST, per passbook with latest balance.For uptodate entry Rs.50/-+GST per folio / page
23 Stop payment charges: Rs. 100/-+GST per cheque.(Maximum Rs.300/- per occasion)
24 Standing instructions: Rs.50/-+GST
  (Which involves remittances of funds to other Branches for credit to parties own A/c or in favour of 3rd parties.
  Standing Instruction: No charges
  (Which involves credit to other than customer’s own A/c at the Branch)
25 Change in operational instruction Rs.50/-+GST
26 Issuing Duplicate Term Deposit Certificate receipt: Rs.100/-+GST per receipt
27 Service charges on Dormant A/cs. No penal charges for non maintenance of minimum balance in respect of In-operative / Dormant accounts as per RBI guidelines w.e.f. 11.12.2014.
28 Cost of name plate Rs. 100/- per nameplate+GST.
29 Issuing of No due Certificate (NDC) Rs.50/- per certificate+GST.
Note: No NDC charges for applicants under Govt. Scheme.
30 Charges for closure of SB/Current A/cs Irrespective of age of the A/c, Rs. 50/- for SB A/c & Rs. 100/- for Current A/c+GST.


*For the transfer of SB A/cs from one Branch. to another.
*Death of depositor.
31 Issue of Balance confirmation/ Interest paid Certificate Rs.50/-+GST
32 Penalty for delay in payment of instalment of cumulative / Recurring deposit a/c -Not applicable for Sanchayani Plus Deposit Rs.1.5 for every Rs.100 p.m. for the SD/ RD A/cs of 5 years & less. A penalty of Rs.2/- for every Rs.100/- p.m. for SD / RDA/c of above 5 years.
33 Locker rent Small  – Rs.1000/-+ GST
Medium – Rs.2000/-+ GST
Large – Rs.3000/-+ GST
Very large- Rs.5000/-+ GST
34 Locker Security deposit Small – Rs.7000/-
Medium- Rs.9000/-
Large- Rs.10000/-
Very large –  Rs.12000/-

Note: i)Concession in locker rent for staff / Retired staff is extended to the extent of 25% of the total rent.ii)Security deposit is waived for Staff members.iii)Retired staff are not exempted from Security deposit.
35 Service charges on non-availment of loan after sanction of proposal Only applicable processing charges to be collected
36 Upfront fee for premature closure of loan A/c by transfer/takeover of liability by other Banks For Advances outstanding above Rs.5 lakh, 0.5% of the loan amount outstanding. Exempted category:Housing loan irrespective of amount.
37 Service charges/ frequent withdrawals in SB A/c If withdrawals exceed 50 per half year in SB A/c, Rs.100/- +GST per half year.
38 Jewel Appraiser Fees Upto Rs.5000/- : Rs.25/          Above Rs.5000/- to Rs.10000/-:Rs.50/- ; above Rs.10000/- to Rs.100000/ : Rs.3 per ‘000 with min.Rs.75/- and max.Rs.200/-;Above Rs.100000/- :Rs.2 per ‘000,max.Rs.300 for Agri.JL & non Agri JL.
39 Charges for issuing Solvency Certificate: Upto `1.00 lakh- `750/-+GST   
Above ` 1.00 lakh upto `25.00 lacs-         `3000/- +GST                  
Above ` 25.00 lacs to `50.00 lakhs-         6000/-+GST
40 Scrutiny of Title Deeds (Legal/Professional Fees) upto 5 lakh  Rs.1000/ ,
above 5 lakh to 10 lakh   Rs 2000/- ,
above Rs 10 lakh    Rs.3000/-.
For Staff, Rs. 100/- for staff Housing loans.
41 Issuing of Notice: Ordinary Notice Rs.50/-+GST per party  per notice
Registered Notice Rs.125/-+GST per party per notice
Note: Branches should not charge the cost of notices without actually sending the notices to borrowal A/cs.
Vakil Notice charges: Professional fees of Rs. 250/- + Typing and Miscellaneous charges Rs. 50/- + Actual Postage per party   + Service charges for the bank Rs.50/- +GST  per Account.
42 Loss of token Rs. 125/- per token+GST
43 Seizure of Hypothecated Assets As per HO guidelines issued from time to time.
44 Commission / Service Charges for pre-mature closure of ND a/c / Transferring ND amount to Loan A/c (i)  2% commission to be collected for the premature closure before one year.

(ii) 2% commission shall be collected for the transfer/  Adjustment of ND amount to loan A/c after 6 months and before one year either from the date of opening of ND A/c or from the date of previous transfer / adjustment of loan A/c. (Minimum Balance of Rs. 1,000/- to be maintained in ND A/c.)

(iii) Not to pay commission for the lumpsum collection made in anticipation of refund of SD Account or during the period of Six months preceding the date of refund / maturity/ closure of Account.  The “Lumpsum collection” for the purpose will mean and include any monthly collection made by an Agent exceeding three times the normal / Average monthly collection during the period of Six months immediately preceding the date of such collection.
45 Line of Credit Rs.150/- per lakh with a minimum of Rs.750/-+GST and maximum Rs.10000/-+GST. (The Chairman has power to relax the charges upto a maximum of 50% of normal charges)
46 AMC (Annual maintenance charges) for ATM cards For First Year of the Card no charges.From Second Year Rs. 100/- + (GST as applicable), per annum excluding PMJDY (Auto debit in CBS)
47 Inter Change Charges: (ATM Transactions) For financial transactions:Rs.  20 per transactions inclusive of GST(Auto debit in CBS).
For non-financial transactions: Rs. 10 per transaction inclusive of GST (Auto debit in CBS)
First 5 transactions per month (including financial and non-financial transactions like balance enquiry mini statement etc) are free to our Customers. These 5 transactions are applicable to all type of ATMs including KVGB, Syndicate Bank and other Bank ATMs whether placed in Rural, Semi-Urban, Urban or metro ATMs).No exemptions are allowed to PMJDY, KCC and any other RuPay Cards, zero balance, BSBD and other such type of CASA account card holders.
48 SMS Charges Rs. 20 inclusive of GST per quarter.(Auto debit in CBS)
49 Charges for issuing copy of old records:For ex: Copy of DD purchased from the Bank, copy of cheque issued and debited to the account etc., for any specific purpose subject to permission from the Competent authority 250/-+ GST upto 6 months old,

500/-+GST  beyond 6 months.(Staff/Ex-staff exempted)
50 Fee structure for Credit Information Reports for Consumer report Upto Rs.1.00 lakh Rs.200/- +GST
Rs.1.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh
Above Rs.5.00 lakh to Rs.10.00 lakh Rs.250/-+GST
Above Rs.10.00 lakh to Rs.25.00 lakh Rs.300/-+GST
Above Rs.25.00 lakh Rs.350/-+GST
51 Fee structure for Credit Information Reports for Commercial report Rs2.00 lakhs & above Rs.4000/-+GST