Current Account

Current Bank Account

Businessmen, Traders, Industries, Companies, Associations and others who have occasions to receive, to be received/pay out cash/cheques quite often have to open current accounts.

Minimum Balance limits
For all current A/cs , min. limit shall be Rs. 5000/-for Urban and Rs. 2000/-semi urban & Rural branches.

Penalty for non maintaining minimum balance in SB/CA
Rs.100/-+GST per month for Current A/c.(Auto debit in CBS)

Charges for closure of SB/Current A/cs Irrespective of age of the A/c, Rs. 50/- for SB A/c & Rs. 100/- for Current A/c+GST.
*For the transfer of SB A/cs from one Branch. to another.
*Death of depositor.

Handling charges for Bills/Cheques returned unpaid:(For local/CTS clearing)

Cheques issued by our Account holders but returned unpaid by us through clearing or across the counter for want of funds – Rs.200/-+ GST

Cheques deposited by our customers to the credit of their accounts with us but returned unpaid by other Bank – Rs 200/-+GST